Traffic Management


It is quite ironic that while the standard of citizens has gone up tremendously, the quality of life of people has suffered a consistent decline due to number of issues. Distt. administration Fatehgarh Sahib has been very concerned about the sharp increase in the number of road accidents that lead to loss of life, permanent injuries and loss to property. In the face of present inadequacy of infrastructural facilities in the district, the distt. Administration is hard put to ensure continuity in the flow of traffic. Admn. Is making a concerted effort towards saving valuable lives on roads & is always keen to contribute its bit in achieving the collective aim of having better traffic management in the district.

Keeping in view all the growing problems & overlapping of departments, Fatehgarh Sahib has done another first in the state by appointing the Traffic Consultant (Traffic & Road Engineering Consultants ,TREC) for the entire district & entering into an agreement by virtue of which people of district will get the following benefits:

  • Maintenance of Automatic Traffic Signals, up gradation of technology, paying of bills of ATC(new ATC have been installed in Sirhind bus stand chowk on NH-1)
  • Maintenance of Bus Q Shelters on all the highways of district.
  • Provision of traffic beat boxes, canopies for police personnel controlling the traffic
  • Delineators to reduce accidents in night.
  • Traffic education programme for students, truckers & public in general
  • Free reflectors to down trodden of the society like rehras & subsidies to other road commuters.(Free reflector- mounting camps have been observed during the17th road safety week in January 2006)
  • Comprehensive traffic plan keeping in view the future needs.
  • Find accident prone areas & remedies to make them safer.
  • Informatory & cautionary boards for Jorh Mel
  • Blinkers for accident prone points.

These are just few of the things to start a safety movement.In the long run, we will make a concerted effort in inculcating the road-sense in residents to reduce the fatalities & loss to society. This will reduce the down time of traffic infrastructure which happened earlier due to over lapping of departments as all the departments concerned are part of agreement. Its a kind of SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) designed for this noble cause.


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