Provision of Multi Service Card


Multi Service Card

The proposal envisages the preparation of Multi Service Card (MSC) by creating a database of information related to residents including photographs and thumb impression for all the residents of the district by collecting data by house-to-house survey & authentication of the collected data. The basic idea is to provide integrated services on the spot to the residents through single window thus reducing the time for verification / identification of residents for providing services. This is to be implemented in Fatehgarh Sahib District on pilot basis. This will be integrated with WebCITI (Web based Citizen IT Interface), an E-governance project already being implemented at the District.


The main objective of the scheme is to prepare MSC and associated database of residents by uniquely identifying and authenticating the entire information about the residents, provide linkages among various government services/databases and on the spot delivery of services over the single window. Most of the services need verification and thus delay the service. In order to accomplish the aforesaid objective Multi Service Card (MSC) based on citizen identification and authenticated database is an essential part. In case the citizen has an MSC, the verification can be done from the MSC database, which gives us an authenticated database, having all the key fields. This will avoid duplicity of efforts, which are generally involved for providing services in the form of verification or authentication. All the WebCITI / DialCITII applications are citizen IT interface applications and are developed to provide integrated, on the spot services including issuance of certificates. The linkage will cut down the delays as well as fraudulent means and will pave the way for delivering the services on the spot.

Salient features of the project

  • Door to door collection of data of every individual resident.
  • Electronic capturing of resident'sidentification database involving key fields which are relatively static and non-changeable.
  • Capturing of photograph and thumb impression for biometric authentication (optionally signatures).
  • Unique MSC code for every resident.
  • Issuance of Multi Service Card to every resident.
  • Security features to be incorporated in the Card.
  • Making Data available on web to authenticated users.
  • Linkage with WebCITI, DialCITI as well as other database in the district.


The data collection, electronic capturing of data as well as thumb impression and photograph, preparation of Multi Service Cards will be partly outsourced and partly taken up through the district administration. The district administration will provide proper space for installation of hardware and maintenance of records & provide all necessary support. The district administration will depute officials for the verification of the MSC database. NIC will provide all technical input and integrate WebCITI and other Citizen-IT interface projects being implemented at Fatehgarh Sahib district. The following agencies / organizations will contribute to the project :

  • Punjab State Govt. (State and Fatehgarh Sahib District administration)
  • District Administration
  • National Informatics Centre (Hqrs. at Delhi, State Unit and Fatehgarh Sahib District)
  • Vendors entrusted for the job.

The software for creation and allocation of residents identification code will be developed by NIC. The job of data collection, electronic capturing of data as well as photograph and thumb impression will outsourced to vendors who have experience in such kind of exercise. All the coordination with the vendors will be done by the district administration. MS card with secure hologram and security printing having photograph & thumb impression, will be issued to each individual citizen. There are approximately 6,00,000 residents in Fatehgarh Sahib district. There are 110 parwaris (Patwaris is an revenue official in-charge for 5-6 village), 10 Kanugos (Kanugo is a revenue official in-charge of 8-10 patwar halkas) and 10 Revenue Circle officers / Tehsildars (officer-Incharge for one Tehsil) and 4 SDMs (Sub Divisional Magistrate). The verification will be done by the revenue agencies as mentioned above. There are 454 villages and 6 major towns in the district. The officials and officers from other departments will also be involved for assistance.

Annexure – A

E-Governance Citizen-IT Applications at Fatehgarh Sahib

  • Web based Information Dissemination System for the Public
  • Financial Assitance Schemes of the State Govt.
  • Peshi Branch of Deputy Commissioner
  • Public Grievances System
  • Freedom Fighter Information-Issuance of Bus Passes
  • Counter Signing of Certificate for NRI
  • Issuance of Licenses to Cinema Halls, Video Parlours & Guest houses
  • Issuance of Birth & DeathCertificate
  • Certificate to Handicapped persons
  • Issue of Rural Area Certificates (SDM Office)
  • Issue of Caste Certificates (Tehsildar’s Office)
  • Issue of Domicile Certificates (Tehsildar’s Office)
  • Character Verification for New Recruitment
  • Succession Certificate for Legal Heirs
  • Permission for Loud Speaker, Rallies, Conference
  • Prohibitory Orders regarding Liquor, Meat Shops, Processions, imposition of Sec 144, Curfew etc
  • File Movement System for all the Branches of DC Office
  • Issue of Encumbrance Certificates
  • Record and Copying Branch
  • Arms Licensing
  • Issuance of ROR’s (Land Records)
  • Issuance of Cadastral Maps
  • Electricity /Water/Sewerage/Telephone Bills


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